Monday, 29 January 2007

Bye Bye Clio!!

She's gone! Clio has left the building!!

Drove her to the garage for the last time today - took her over again on Saturday as the starting problem was still not sorted. (Only been in 6 times!) Advised not to waste any more money on it as the ECU (car's computer) has gone possibly as a result of a wiring problem - it blew a pair of rear light clusters last year. I could have spent the £700 getting her repaired but they're not confident that it will solve all her problems in the long term, so had to make the decision to let her go.

Had looked at another car on Saturday which I had arranged to pick up tonight on a 24 hour test drive so that Will can have a look at her and a drive to see what he thinks.

Went for a look around the local garages on Sunday afternoon - been offered between £2000-2500 for her without them knowing the car's history. The garage I've been to has offered me £2250 and knows the history of the car - so think I've got a fairly good deal as he's putting it straight into auction - he obviously won't be wasting his money on it either!

Sooooo, I'm getting rid of a very unreliable and (now) dangerous Renault Clio that cuts out at 60mph in the 3rd lane of a very busy road when I had the kids in the back of the car yesterday afternoon, to get.......? A Renault Megane!!! Am I mad getting another Renault? Bloody hope not!

This new car is top spec and a fabulous price - SOOOOO lurverly to drive - remote keyless locking (you can have the key thingy in your pocket and when you pull the handle the doors open - how cool is that?!), glass panoramic room, 6 disc multi CD changer, automatic lights and wipers.

Took her out for a good drive tonight down the country lanes to see how she handled and along the A14 to see what she's like at speed - yup she can speed alright!

Will took her out for a drive too and he's pretty impressed.

So, off back to the garage to part with some ££££££ and to take my MOT certificate and Log Book over tomorrow. Won't be sorry to see her go. Sorry and all that Clio but you have been an absolute pain in the arse since the beginning of November. So see ya round babe! Have a good life - what's left in you!

Hello Megane!!!!!!! Me and you are gonna do some miles together baby!

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