Saturday, 20 January 2007

Car update!

Well, it was off to the local Renault specialist this morning for the verdict on the car. Wasn't allowed to have the kids in the car with me - they went in Will's car and also wasn't allowed to drive down the A14 'just in case the bloody thing dies @ 70mph', so we went the other route to the garage. Not started the car since Monday evening, and guess what? Yup bloody thing started first time and drove like a dream to the garag - typical eh?

They plugged her into the CLIP machine (a very expensive laptop) and found 3 faults - one relating to the battery, one to the glow plugs and the final one to the glow plug relay. These are the three things that I've had replaced recently due to the problems. They cleared the faults and then Will took her round the block before she was plugged back in again.

YAY!!!!!!!! No faults found (won't be holding my breath though!) They're 90% sure that the recent problems of cutting out are due to historical data being stored in the car's computer rather than new or any other faults, and that the car is cutting out to prevent further damage.

Renault main dealer charge for this test? £85.00!
Renault specialist charge for an identical test? £41.13!!
Guess which one I went to? No prizes for guessing, sorry!!!

Main dealer had told me that it was probably the ECU (main computer) that needed replacing at a cost of just short of £700. Think I've just got off very lightly, don't you?

Sainsbury's shopping on the way home - what a boring life I lead! How can a family of 4 spend £130 on food!!?? Well there was £20 of lager in there for Will, so I suppose that explains some of it.

One of Will's colleagues is getting married on 14th February (Valentine's Day - how romantic) so I've made his card this afternoon - was in the swing of making wedding cards so ended up making a batch of 6 in total, all around the same colour theme. Am pleased with them so will have to get them photographed and uploaded onto my gallery tomorrow.

Am meant to be finishing my Self Assessment instead of blogging, but it's too late now so I'm off to bed as I'm yawning my head off!

See you soon.


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Di W said...

Rob says you need a reliable japanese car Rosie!! Or even a motorbike lol


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