Sunday, 14 January 2007

Ooh, that bloody car of mine!!!!

Don't you just hate intermittent faults? Every time you go to the bloody garage she drives like a dream - bit like toothache and the dentist!

Clio cut out on me on a very large roundabout on Friday morning on the way to work. Luckily I managed to coast her off the roundabout, quickly put on my hazard warning lights and get her far enough away from the junction so as not to cause too much of a problem behind me. Took quite a few attempts to get her started but finally managed it and was off on my way again a few minutes later. Until she decided to cut out again very shortly afterwards - again managed to get her to a safe place to stop and got her going again. She did this another two times in the next couple of miles to work.

Started first time in the car park at work to come home. Managed to get through the dreaded roundabout without a hitch. Up to 70mph without a stutter or a problem but then I had to wait at a red traffic light to enter the next roundabout - and yup, you guessed it - she died again, this time with a rather large lorry up my bum! Loads of beeping from other drivers stuck behind me, the traffic light changed to red. Got her started and managed to get going again, next two sets of traffic lights were on green - great, fingers crossed let me through - YES!!!! on my way home - NOT!!! Bloody thing died again! Managed to coast to a stop far enough away from the lights so as not to cause a problem to those behind but couldn't go too far as I was running out of streetlights and was about to enter 3 miles of very dark dual carriageway. So I stopped just under the last streetlight, got out and rang Will - my knight in shining armour! He borrowed a tow rope, came out to get me (wow was it windy and cold standing outside my car waiting for him on Friday night).

Will got into my car - she starts first time! I follow him home in his car - and yes, you guessed it, she drove home purring like a cat! Like I said, don't you just HATE intermittent faults??!!

So I took her out shopping yesterday - started first time, every time, and not a problem in sight!

Going to ring the garage to get her booked in to be looked at to be given the (no doubt scary) news of what is wrong with her and how much it's going to cost me. Me thinks it ain't gonna be cheap!

Will went on a test run to work on his bike today - 27 minutes door to door and he doesn't cycle slowly!! Would have taken me a couple of hours! LOL So in the morning he's off on his bike along a very busy road and in the dark - I am NOT happy about him cycling it at all!!!! But needs must for the moment - will have to try and get her fixed asap.

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