Friday, 5 January 2007

End of the first week back at work in 2007

It's Friday and the end of the first working week of 2007 - YAY!!!

Had a busy 4 days back at work! Problem solving as well as the normal stuff.

Have a little competition running between the kids - the best behaved gets a prize on Sunday (just haven't decided on what the prize is yet). Freya is like an angel - gets up, makes her bed, folds her pyjamas, gets ready for school, gives loads of kisses and cuddles and tells you she loves you. Jacob on the other hand is a bit noncholant - would rather slob about and let me or Will make his bed, fold his clothes, empty the dishwasher etc!!! LOL! Is every 11 year old boy the same - or is it just mine? He's trying to tell her that the prize is only 2p so not worth being so much of a goody two shoes for. Mmmmmmmm sounds like an excuse to be his normal self to me!

Honestly though, even when he's not on form he's still a fab son to have and we are very proud of both our children.

Will was 42 on Wednesday - unfortunately for him he was back at work but I did buy him a carrot and orange cake and we put candles on it for him. I will have to download the photos and post them for you all to see the "old" man HAHA!

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