Saturday, 6 January 2007

New venture on the horizon

Well, decided before Christmas to change my job so handed my notice in on the Tuesday before as I have to work 3 months notice - had an original leaving date of 16th March. Good news though, they have managed to get a replacement that can start immediately. So, after a 2 week handover starting next Monday I leave on Friday 26th January. I start my new exciting challenge on Monday 29th, just in time for my birthday on Friday 2nd February.
Typed up and sent letters to my clients this afternoon telling them about the change of staff, so they should all know tomorrow morning.
On my way home from work (via the country lane from the village) I came across an accident involving a work colleague who was still in her car and who ended up being taken to hospital on a spinal board and stretcher (as was the other driver). Pretty sure she'll be ok, but it won't have done her bad back any good whatsoever!! Both cars are written off and in a right mess too. Could have been so much worse. Luckily it wasn't. I stayed with her until the ambulance left to take her to hospital (wow was it cold out tonight!)
As we equally share the payroll workload, I'm off in 2 weeks time, and not sure when/if she'll be back, I am now not sure about what will happen with work. They could potentially have only one inexperienced person to process the practice payrolls and they need two experienced people, so that just won't work! The partners have been trying to persuade me to stay since I resigned and have admitted that they really don't want to lose me. Talk about timing...! I'll have to see what they say tomorrow. Luckily my new employer would wait for me for a little while as they weren't expecting me until March anyway and I don't want to let anyone down. Does that make me mad / gullible / stupid or just a glutton for punishment??
Am now very confused as I have a new job to go to but will feel guilty if I leave my current employer in the shit! WHY ME????!!! Wish I was ruthless and heartless at times then this would be a very easy decision to make. But I'm not I'm a softy who doesn't like to let anyone down.
Will keep you posted on what happens (when I know what is happening that is!!!)

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Di said...

That's always the way isn't it but I'm sure you'll work it out with your old and new employers.

The very bestest of wishes to you, I'm sure you'll relish the challenge.


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