Saturday, 3 February 2007

Happy Birthday to me - Last of the 30's!

It was my birthday yesterday (Friday 2nd Feb). It's the last one of my thirties that I'll ever get to celebrate as I'm now 39 years old. One of my lovely Bubbly Funk friends sent me a 40th birthday card by mistake HAHA! I received some beautiful cards from the ladies on Bubbly Funk, so I've taken a photo for you all to see.

Went out for dinner with Will last night - just the two of us as friends babysat for us. Lovely meal at Dunkleys in Castle Ashby near Northampton. We love this restaurant and would highly recommend it if you get the chance for a visit. I had oven baked pork in a leek and cream sauce (should have had an apple gravy but it was thickened with flour, so not for me). Will had lamb with a raspberry gravy. Both served with fresh vegetables and potatoes. YUMMY!!!!

Got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my new bosses - I LOVE lilies so can't wait to see them all out in full bloom. It also had some of that lovely twisty bamboo in it.

Will bought me some beautiful lilies too. Got some lovely pressies and loads of chocolates (YAY!) Thanks to everyone for making my birthday special.


Di W said...

Your meal sounds heavenly Rosie! And your flowers are devine!! What a clever bunch us Bubblies are, eh??!!

Rosie said...

A very bubbly bunch of talented girles indeed!!!!!


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