Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Thank you

A HUGE thank you goes to Danny at Customer Services for Radley I have a bit of a thing for Radley handbags etc and was a bit disappointed with one of my bags where the stitching came undone and the lining started to fray.

I was bought a new Radley bag for Christmas 2006 and it developed the first of these faults within a few months, which I repaired myself. The fraying problem happened within about 6 months of having it. As it was bought from John Lewis in Peterborough, which is about 30 miles away, I took the lazy option and left it in the bottom of my wardrobe and used one of my other Radleys. Shame really as the bag is gorgeous!

Before Christmas I was given the number of Danny in Milton Keynes Customer Services. I spoke to him and we agreed that I could send my bag bag for them to have a look at and if it could be repaired then they'd have a go for me. I left it until after the Christmas post rush was over and posted it out to him last Thursday.

Imagine my surprise and total delight when I got home from work yesterday and found a brand new replacement bag, courtesy of Radley.

If you ever want a leather handbag of great quality (I have a few Radley bags and accessories all of which are great!) I cannot recommend this brand highly enough. Their customer services has proven to be second to none!

Thanks again Danny! Can't wait until my birthday on Saturday as I have two more bags waiting to be unwrapped!

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