Saturday, 26 January 2008

Poorly sick!

Been a bit under the weather these last few days. Got the dreaded cold/feeling totally yuk virus. Started on Tuesday night with a mild sore throat. Got worse Wednesday, totally hitting me with the full blown symptoms within about half an hour on Wednesday night. Thursday was a struggle at work, bleary eyes and snotty nose, so I finished work early and went home to tuck up in bed.

Friday was just not going to happen. I took Freya to school wearning my pj's with a coat on top hoping no-one wanted to talk to me in the car park as I looked a right bloody site (puffy eyes, runny nose, no make-up - you get the picture). Came home, went straight back to bed and woke at lunchtime!! By 3pm I was ready for bed again but no, that wasn't happening either as I had to pick Freya up from school again. So we chilled for the rest of the afternoon and I chilled out for the rest of the evening. No energy - no being bothered!

So far I've gone through a whole loo roll blowing my nose and plenty of zinc and castor oil to stop it drying out and adding to the already Rudolph lookie likie that I'm sporting.

To cheer me up, Will ordered my birthday pressie today - I'm having a new Radley and bag for my collection (woo hoo!) and he booked the restaurant for my birthday dinner next week. {This} is where we're going. We've been there a few times before and the food has always been fantastic. So a table for 12 is in our name.

CAN NOT believe that my 40th is only a week away now. Certainly don't feel 40 I can tell you. I used to think that 40 was old until I approached it rapidly myself and now don't think that it is at all! LOL

I'll accept any healing vibes you've got going spare please! Need to be better for the first day of the rest of my life next Saturday, don't I?


Kathy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Rosie - it's taken me much longer to get over this virus than I expected so take it easy and rest up so you'll be fighting fit for the big celebrations

Kaz said...

Full healing vibes on their way Mrs G!! Hope you feel much better soon. Hugs ya xx


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