Monday, 28 January 2008

Craft-Ed Portfolio Pages

As part of being a Craft-Ed Consultant, you need to put together your 'Make and Take' pages. These are mine...

I have one more page to do on the 'Birthday' theme, but I've still got to sort the photographs out for that. Maybe after this weekend....?

The other 3 new Make and Takes I haven't got yet, but I will soon and I'll upload them when I've done them.


Farmersgirl said...

They're great Rosie. I noticed the autumn leaves and am thinking I need to get some photo real papers as I am very attracted to them (pebbles, leaves).


Angelnorth said...

Wow, you've been busy with the catch up! Some great stuff here Rosie - I'm sure your make and take pages will provide some inspiration for others. I'm very impressed with your control of scalloped scissors - when I've tried that stunt the results have been fit only for filing under WPB :-/


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