Friday, 7 May 2010

Competition winner

Freya had a competition at school just before the Easter holidays to design a lion.  Basically, the school have bought a huge 3D lion that stands about 18" tall and is about 3 foot long that the children had to come up with a design for.  They were given their pieces of paper on which to do it and given the two weeks off at Easter in which to create their masterpieces.

Freya chose to use the school name in a sweeping pattern to be the lion's mane.  She chose to give him (or her) Union Jack socks to represent her country.  She then chose a Viking ship to reflect the school logo.

We were really impressed with her thoughtfulness, design and creation and kept our fingers very firmly crossed for her.

She was so excited when she came home from school and was bursting to tell us that the winner had been announced in the whole school assembly and HER DESIGN HAD WON!!!!!  Woo hoo!

She now gets to help transfer her design onto the actual lion.  It will then go over to Northampton to go 'on parade' with other school's lions before being returned to her school.  We don't yet know what will happen to it after it's return and display when it comes back.

She won a £5 achievement voucher for WH Smith as well as a lovely congratulations card from the Assistant Head of the school.  She will also know that the design chosen to represent her school on the lion's parade will be hers.

Wanna see her creation?  Oh, go on then, here you go...

Great isn't it?

I've printed out a copy to be scrapbooked for her album and will try and get a photo of the real thing when it's completed.


Leann said...

Yay!!! Go Freya!
Love his socks!
Hugs x

Saskia said...

Congratulations to Freya!!! GREAT design!!!

Saskia :)

brenda said...

Well done, clever girl, a very inventive piece of artwork.

Better watch your stash Rosie.

B x

Karen said...

WOW this is an amazing work of art!!! That viking ship is incredible and his socks are just inspired!!!



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