Saturday, 15 May 2010

Colour Me Crazy CD from Kirsty Wiseman

I'm very honoured to work with Kirsty designing projects from her CDs.  This is her third CD and the third I've worked on for her.  I truly cannot wait for the 4th one that will be out soon.  (Where does this woman get (a) her inspiration (b) the talent and (c) the time to do this?

The CD was aired last Saturday 1st May on Create and Craft and I met her there to collect Ellie so that Kirsty could do the show while Ellie and Freya spent time together at my house.  What was going to be a visit became an overnight stay and almost became two nights as Kirsty ended up with the most horrific migraine (she blamed it on my kitchen too, the cheeky moo! HAHA!)  I think she's been working too hard and burning her candle at both ends to meet her deadlines, but hopefully now she can relax a little (until next time, that is!)

Anyhoo... These are the samples I made and sent to her for the TV debut of her CD.  Remember you can buy it direct from Kirsty's website for £14.99 (and for a limited time that includes P&P, so hurry!)  You won't be disappointed by the quality as it is FANTASTIC!  No poor quality, pixelated images that you can get on some craft CDs that are for sale out there.  They're easy to print from the CD too.  No installation of other programmes required.  Just pop in the disc and you can view and print via your computer.  Alternatively, copy and paste the image into a word processing package or into an image manipulation programme and then edit, add text, resize and then print.

This next one is actually a coaster that I've covered with good old Blue Peter 'sticky backed plastic!'

My fave, fave, fave!  A shoppint list clipboard.  I nearly couldn't bear to send this one off to her.

Angelica Rockchick - she's awsome!

Phew!  There were more than I though!  I've also made a few more since but I'll show you them later.


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Saskia said...

Wow Rosie, you've been sooooo creative!!! Great cards!!

Sweet greetings, Saskia :)


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