Monday, 4 May 2009

Mum's home, safe & sound!

Thanks for the lovely comments left and the lovely email from Gez, about mum.

I'm really glad to say that mum is home again. They discharged her from hospital earlier today.

They took the packing out of her nose (she was understandably nervous!) The great news is that it didn't start to bleed again so they haven't had to cauterise the blood vessel in her nose.

She's not to...

* Eat or drink hot food.
* Eat or drink cold food.
* Bend down or strain to lift anything.
* Have a hot shower or bath.
* Pick her nose!!!!!!! No matter how dry, itchy and scabby it feels inside.

Hopefully she'll get a good night's sleep tonight at home in her own bed with her hubby of 51 years.

They put her in a bay of geriatrics or "old people" as she put it (mum's 71). Some of them were clearly confused and distressed at being in hospital and continually called out through the night. Then an old man fell out of bed in the adjoining bay this morning, the poor old soul. My late FIL had dementia so we know how confusing changes to their routines can be for them. Coupled with the fact that the staff had them awake at 5am taking the blood pressures. Nothing like a nice relaxing stay in hospital eh?!

Obviously we're all really pleased that she's home again and fingers crossed that her nose doesn't start bleeding again or it's straight back to A&E they've told her.

Keep you posted.

Thanks again.



Linda said...

Glad to hear that your mum is now out of hospital - I hope all continues to go well - best wishes.

Deanne said...

oh sweetie, just turned my computer on, was so busy yest and out all day today.
huge hugs to your mum bless her heart xxxx i'll call you tmz evening :) xx

CleverCrafter said...

Sorry to hear your poor mum had such an eventful weekend but glad to hear she is home now

Janice said...

Good news about your mum Rosie. A colleague of mine had her dad taken into hospital on Friday and when I spoke to her today, he had fallen out of his hospital bed and broken his hip!!!! Unbelievable. Take care, I expect it will take you all a while to get over this.

Traceyr said...

Ah what good news Rosie. Now make sure you all catch up on your sleep. Love to you all. x

Gez said...

Fingers crossed for your Mum Rosie. What a fright for all of you take care. XXX

Sam said...

just read your posts about your mum Rosie. glad she is out of hospital now and hope that there won't be any more visits. love to you all, including your mum and dad. take care, hun. xxxxxx


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