Monday, 10 November 2008

Studio update....

Will had Wednesday off as he went with his best mate, his dad and my dad to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play another bunch of overpaid blokies - don't ask me who they were playing - I DON'T DO FOOTBALL - I mean... they kick a sphere of leather round a field for goodness sake!!!!

Thursday night saw the second coat of paint from a new tin, as we think the original tin had gone off and had left patches (it WAS lumpy with what looked like a 1" thick slick on the top when he opened it up). All now covered up and looking calming.

Friday - night off for good behaviour!

Saturday (I was at a crop all day!) - pristine, glossy white woodwork.

Sunday (today) - oak laminate flooring - don't ya just love power tools?! Not that he lets me near them as he knows he'll never get a look in again!!! LOL

New halogen light fitting installed (all the upstairs lights powered off, so he had to use an uplighter - doesn't it get dark early?!)

Sofa bed back in it's place - keeping that as my chill out area.

So, then, what's left to do....?

* New skirting board to be measured and cut then fixed to the wall before it's waxed (love wood grain, can you tell?!)
* Trip to Ikea on Saturday to get my desk and storage units. Assemble furniture
* Move stash upstairs to my new Studio (I'm being evicted as soon as possible from the dining room now my room will be ready - also, going to do this while Will is at my mum and dad's on Sunday shovelling 4 tonnes of topsoil into our new veggie beds - can you see my reasoning here.....? If he's not here when I move it, he won't see EXACTLY how much stuff I have. MWAHAHAHAHA

* Take some photos of my new space while it's tidy - before I start to craft in there and destroy the karma of it all ;-)


Deanne said...

i'll be there honey, ready to help with sorting your stash hehehehe cant wait to see the finished room x

Kaz said...

Oh wow I can't wait to see the photos you lucky thing! It's so lovely to not feel guilty for leaving stuff everywhere. I give it a week of tidyness max lol.

Kaz xxxx

Melissa said...

any pics yet!!!



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