Sunday, 2 November 2008

Freycob's Studio...

Is finally underway!! WOO HOO!!!

We (well, OK, WILL) is converting our spare bedroom into a craft studio for lil' ole me! How fantastic is that (and how lucky am I to be getting my own room?!)

Yesterday he...

* emptied the room
* ripped up the carpet and underlay (goodbye scabby, horrible coloured and sun faded carpet!)
* took off the skirting boards
* sanded the walls, ceiling and woodwork down
* emulsioned the ceiling

Today he...

* undercoated the woodwork ready for glossing
* applied 2 coats of white emulsion to hide the 2-tone blue paint underneath


* went shopping!! HAHA.

Where I bought ...

* a new halogen 3-light fitting for the ceiling
* some more cheap white emulsion for undercoating
* got my paint - Dulux 'Almost Oyster'

Tomorrow (Monday) night he will sand down the walls again if there are any blemishes still there and it will get it's final undercoat. Will won't start decorating with colour until the walls are totally smooth and white.

Tuesday will have it's first coat of colour put on. Wednesday, if required, will see a final coat of colour.

Thursday will be glossing of the windowsill, doorframe and door.

Being the kind little soul that I am, he can have Friday night off! HAHA!!

The weekend will see the new wooden floor put down and the new skirting boards fitted and waxed.

Then.... I get go go shopping AGAIN for the furniture Woo! Can't wait until it's finished.

I've told him that I'll move my craft stuff from the dining upstairs myself, as otherwise he'll see just how much stash I actually have! HAHA!

I'll post some photos soon.


Karen said...

you must be over the moon Rosie!!! How long has it been??? I am glad that you have organised a list for Will to stick too hahahaha Oh and lots of pics please X

you ought to get some of him decorating the room to scrap and put on the walls!!!

Traceyr said...

Lucky ole you.


Jackie said...

How exciting, I wonder how long it will be till it looks like mine ;) LOL

Kathy said...

You are just soooo spoilt

What is Will getting in return for all his hard work?

oh yes!.... that would be peace and quiet and free use of the TV


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