Sunday, 23 November 2008

Freycob @ Studio 4!!!

So, the studio is pretty much complete now. Will (bless him!) drilled a total of 36 holes yesterday for shelving, notice board, rails etc. By the time he'd finished and put it all together, we had run out of light and it was getting too near tea time to start on the skirting boards or putting the blind up, so that'll be for another day.

Anyhoo... want a sneaky peek of Studio 4? Yep! Ok then, here goes. The room is 2m wide by just slightly over 3m long, so not large at all. Small and compact, just like me HAHA!!!

I love the quotation under the window. It's a rub on/vinyl transfer from Lisa and Beckie, and oh, so true don't you think?


Karen said...

Gorgeous Studio Rosie. If I come to stay and end up on the sofa bed can I play with your stash in thi night???? X

Sam said...

lovin your room Rosie - you lucky girl!! can't hide how much stash you have now tho!!

Janice said...

Looks fab Rosie, how long will it be tidy like that though!!!

Kathy said...

oh wow, you lucky Girlie. It's all looking wonderful. I love those shelves soooo much

Deanne said...

werent that tidy last time i saw it!!! did you have a clean up lol
looking great honey - put the latte on, i'm comin over :) x

Kaz said...

Ooooooooo now that is soo worth the wait. You gotta love ikea haven't you?!

I love it and I'm hoping it will stay this tidy hahaha.


Traceyr said...

Great room all to yourself Rosie. Yes I agree with everyone else very tidy but for how long? LOL


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