Sunday, 31 August 2008

Lanzarote - Los Jameos del Agua

A Jameos refers to a cavity produced with the roof of a volcanic cave collapses. Los Jameos del Agua therefore translates as the caves of water. Here you can find tiny, blind white crabs in the subterranean lake which is salty but perfectly clear.

You descend some stairs to the tranquility of the lake within the cave.

From here you then climb the steps at the other end of the lake and find the most amazing, man made oasis which was once used as a swimming pool.

The gardens are planted with some beautiful plants, some exotic, others simple, bright and colourful geraniums like these...


Jannie said...

Wow, what a mini-paradise!

It's always amazes me what things there are in the world I have never dreamed of.

Karen said...

you have taken some gorgeous shots Rosie. Are you going to put them in a book??? X

Beth said...

Oooh Rosie, that is a gorgeous villa, you were really lucky. Lovely photos too. XX


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