Saturday, 4 October 2008

oh, my poor baby!

My poor little Freya! As I posted last week, she was not a well little girl at all last weekend but thankfully hadn't been sick again since Monday night. As a precaution we kept her off school on Tuesday as well - a full 24 hours without being sick, and she'd be as right as rain, we thought....

I'd let Deanne down on Thursday night when I was due to go over as I felt awful myself when I got in from work and was fast asleep by 6:15pm. Woke up at 8:05pm and rang to offer my apolgies. Togged myself up in full length jammies and socks and went straight back to bed. Friday I felt pretty kaka myself but still went to work with a litre bottle of Lucozade to get me throught my solid food fast. I wasn't following the same sickie route that Freya had been on!

I nipped to see Deanne on Friday night and spent a lovely few hours in her company, chatting away easily and putting the worlds to rights (as you do!). I was just picking up my handbag at 11:00pm to head off home when my phone rings. On the other end I hear this little voice..... "Mum, Freya's just been really sick again!" Jacob, bless him was ringing me to warn me of my impending welcome.

She did look a sorry little sight when I got home, sitting on the stool in the bathroom while Daddy (for the second time this week) scrubs food out of her thick, cream cotton rug, mops and disinfects her floor (thank goodness we got rid of the carpet in the kids' bedrooms - now what I mean???!!!) Luckily I'd bought a new quilt for her in the week, so it was on with that one and a clean cover ready for her to go back to bed, complete with plastic bin at the side within 'reach'.

So for another night I slept fitfully and lightly listening out for my baby incase she needed her momma. An uneventful night thankfully and a very sparse day food wise for her today. Lots of 'honey tea' to keep the calories up, as she's only a little poppet, no fat reserves to tide her over in times of starvation!

Fingers crossed that she'll be fine now, eh?


Beth said...

Hiya my lovely, I've only just noticed you have a 'Personal Blog', so have been having a quick read through it, though having read down the the section where you said you've been unwell, I noticed your holiday photos and wondered where I'd seen them prevously.............and it was on this blog, lol. What a numpty eh? Anyway, I am hoping little Freya is feeling better now, bless her heart.......hate them being sicky poorly.

Also, I was horrified to hear about Jacob being bullied and for the duration he's been bullied too. Poor love. I can understand him not saying anything, just think of what must have been going through his mind. Well, you know we've been through the same with Martyn, maybe in a different way, but either way, it is bullying and must stop. So, I can appreciate what you've been going through and empathise too. Both Jacob and Martyn are quiet boys and good ones at that too. You know where I am if you want to chat. You take care of you too and I hope the hospital are able to make you better and that you will be feeling lots better soon. Lots of love. Ooops, bit of an essay there, lol. XX

Traceyr said...

Get well wishes again for Freya. Hope she is feeling a lot better today and yourself.

Maybe you both need some r and r. Take a couple of days off work and school to clear the bugs out properly.

{{hugs}} for you both.

traceyr x x

Deanne said...

bless her honey, hope shes okay now hugs xx


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