Sunday, 3 August 2008


After my wonderful weekend, what else could go wrong? Well a mozzie bite is what!!!

I woke up on Monday morning to find dried blood on the inside of my right ankle. I can't imaginen how I've managed to cut myself while lying in bed.... and then I find it - a mozzie bite!!!!! Bloody things! We never found the culprit - if I had the last thing on it's mind would have indeed been it's bum!!!!!!!!

Now, don't get me wrong here, I've had my fair share of mozzie bites in my youthful number years on this plante, but I've never had anything lie this one.

Over the day it itches, gets red and swells - and looks a bit like this:

I visit the chemist after work to be told that I need antihistamine tablets and cream and to keep a close eye on it as he's not sure it's not becoming infected - by this time it's become even more swollen, red and angry looking. To keep my feet up to help reduce the swelling became the best excuse I needed to leave the ironing to another day.

Through the evening and night it gets worse. Tuesday I couldn't bend my ankle with the swelling, I hobbled instead of walked and it itched like a good 'un! None of my shoes any longer fitted my foot and it looked... bad!

Another trip (the first being on Saturday with mum) to the local Minor Injuries Unit finds a very concerned Sister at how badly it has become infected and immediately prescribes 4 x 500mg penicillin daily. Have you seen the size of those babies? You could destroy a fully grown horse with the size of those capsules! And I'm not good at taking tablets let alone horse torpedos.

What is even more concerning is she said that over the weekend there had been loads of patients coming through with new and very infected mozzie bites, to the stage that they actually ran out of antibiotics!!! King-squitos indeed locally.

Thankfully after 48 hours when I had to return to the MIU to have it checked you could tell that the horse torpedos were doin' their thang and killin those buggies in my body. Phew! There was an awful lot riding on that decision, I can tell you, but that's for another blog post.

The antibiotics have just finished but the subsequent bruising will be here after I think.

We are now so paranoid at having the lights on in the house when the windows are open that we either live in the dark or swelter in the heat. HAHA! They don't know whether that is a one-off reaction or if it's going to be the norm for me and mozzies. I prefer the first offer myself!


Sue said...

Oooh Rosie that does look nasty and very painful. I am usually the first one any biting insects look for but (touch wood) i've not had anything as sore as that looks. Hope it's feeling better soon.
Sue x

traceyr said...

oooooo Rosie what a manky foot. lol

Glad the pills worked but it was a good excuse not to do the ironing.

Traceyr :)

Karen said...

OMG that looks nasty darling...glad its on the mend tho X


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