Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Accident prone kids......

What is it with having kids and them causing you strife and worry?

I had a phone call just before 2.30 today from Jacob's school recommending that I collect him ASAP as he'd had a bit of an accident at school and split his head open.

I arrived at school to find a grinning 'thumbs up' son waiting for me. Only when he turned round did I see exactly what he'd done! We ended up going to our local Minor Injuries Unit to have his head checked out. By the time he was seen it had stopped bleeding and had scabbed up naturally so didn't need gluing (thankfully). We were given the normal 'head injury' leaflet but I'm happy to say that (so far) he seems absolutely fine.

To please him, I had to take a photo of his 'war wound' for posterity. Look at the state of his shirt!? His school tie was soaked with blood too. They've both been treated and washed (even though he wanted to keep the stained shirt as a momento!)


Farmersgirl said...

Oh darling are you alright - eh just stand there while I take a photo ha ha ha hee hee hee. Looks like he was quite proud of it though.

Janice X

Kathy said...

Great pic, Rosie.

Bet he;s got a headache now though!

Caroline said...

The thumbs up made me laugh! Glad he is OK though....xx

Angelnorth said...

One for scrapping later? At least the thumbs up says he wasn't feeling too bad - glad it's all OK even if it does look a bit dramatic!

traceyr said...

cor blimey what a mess you've made of your shirt. LOL

Kristian thinks it's cool. Hehehe


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