Saturday, 2 February 2008

Birthday Blog Candy

It's far too near to my 40th Birthday for my liking! To celebrate, I'm offering some blog candy for anyone who wants to make a card for a milestone birthday.

Make your card, add it to your blog and leave me a comment so that I can go and find it (if you don't have a blog, leave me a comment and then email me with a jpeg of your card and I'll add you to the list).

On my birthday weekend I'll randomly pick a winner to receive some goodies. Don't quite know what the goodies are yet, but it WILL include, flowers, ribbon, buttons, chipboard, papers and anything else I can find to reward your hard work with.


Farmersgirl said...

Lovely idea Rosie, and, of course, I have that significant 21st card to make, so will be able to take part without feeling guilty lol.


Farmersgirl said...

I've made my card, it is exploding on my blog right now!

Di W said...

Am going to email mine to you Rosie!!

Kaz said...

I've done a card at last to enter the blog candy and it's on my blog!

Brenda and David Scowcroft said...

Lovely idea. I have several milestone cards on my blog: Come and have a look

Brenda and David Scowcroft said...

What fun. I have several milestone cards on our blog at Please come and have a look

Sam said...

I have done a card (and you will see it on Saturday!!!!) does that count?

cannycrafter said...

I did a 40 card for my friend at work, but I can make another the same if you want!!!!???? happy Birthday!


Monkee Maker said...

Hi Rosie,

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'm glad you liked the adventures of my monkee made of knit :)

Thanks also for the link to that cute stamp ..... a girl can never have too much monkey stuff!

Best wishes for your big 4 - 0 .... I'll be joining you in that milestone later in the year :(


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