Thursday, 27 September 2007

I've been tagged by Kaz

Kaz has tagged me, so I better behave myself and play along with it LOL

Four places I've worked:
1. Supermarket butchery department after school
2. Printer who printed dirty mags!!
3. Driving Instructor
4. Concrete Company (present)

Four places I've lived:
1. Mum and Dad's
2. First house
3. Second house
4. This house (can I also include my caravan when on hols?)

Four places visited on holiday: (in reverse order)
1. Norfolk
2. Portsmouth
3. Lanzarote
4. Barbados

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Cuddled up in bed with hubby
2. 7.30pm on Saturday with the winning Lotto numbers
3. Supermarket sweep in a craft shop
4. Thorntons shop with the keys and as much choccy as I could eat/steal! LOL

Now I have to nominate four people so:

1. Kathy
2. Joanne (Angelnorth)
3. Janice
4. Linda


Angelnorth said...

Hi Rosie - I'm going to duck this one I'm afraid! I rarely do tags and I tend to avoid ones where the answers contain personal info (paranoia about internet security!). You've done a great job sidestepping that but I don't want to copy your answers! :o)

Farmersgirl said...

Hi Rosie

Thanks for tagging me. I'll have a go, I love to be tagged. Will be careful not to reveal too much.


Caroline said...

I was tagged by this twice and have done mine. I stole one of your answers though I did credit you for it, but I espesh liked it.


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