Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Happy Birthday Kathy

I couldn't blog this card until I knew that Kathy had received it. As I now know she has it I'll show the rest of you...

The paper is Junkits, blooms are from Dunelm and the doodling (arrows and journalling circle) are from Crafters Workshop templates.

There is a bit of hidden jounalling under the right hand side of the bloom.

A bright and sunny card for a bright and sunny person.

Hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend away Kathy xx


Karen said...

A beautiful card!!! Perfect for Kathy X

Farmersgirl said...

It's lovely and nice to see those Crafters Workshop templates in action. I've had a play with mine but not done a card yet.


Di W said...

Great card Rosie! Love the bright colours. xx

Samm said...

Lovely and funky! great card!


Kathy said...

It's fab irl too - all bright and cheerful - so Thanks Rosie it was such a lovley surprise


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