Tuesday, 25 September 2007

I bin bakin'...

The bubbly babes are having a recipe swap with the theme of 'chocolate'. It can be cake, muffins or cookies. I love home made muffins of any sort, whether it be blueberry, summer fruits, carrot and orange..... schlurp!

So of course I had to rise to the challenge. I chose my recipe, complete with 'mystery ingredient' which will only be revealed after the swap has been completed. There is a naughty rumour that it's something you can grown at home. Well, yes, you CAN grow this ingredient at home but it's legal!!

I've added a photo of the finished article, although there is one less on the plate now as the 12th muffin had to be taste tested (by moi of course!)

Mine are made with wheat and gluten free flour as I can't have wheat, but normal plain flour would work just as well.


Melissa said...

OOOOOOOOo They look fab!

Karen X said...

How yummy do they look!!


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