Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Major Ken Wood has arrived and is settling in rather nicely!

This is Major Ken Wood...

As  you can see, he's a bit like Steve Austin, the Bionic Man (ask your mum if you're too young to know who he is) because they say he's made from Titanium and we all know that the Bionic Man was put back together with metal bits and bobs now don't we?.

He wasn't in the house long before I had him totally undressed and on the worktop looking all desperate and ready for action...

And just look what he can do when he gets is tools out and you turn him on...

He managed to make 24 banana & white chocolate chunk muffins.  With the leftover mixture he made that into an 8" square cake.

He also made a lemon traybake with lemon icing but the icing cracked when I lifted it off the cooling rack and it looks all wrinkly now, so I'm not showing you it! HAHA!

I'm off to bed with his instruction manual and recipe book.  Boy, is this guy gonna get used and abused!

Sorry mum and dad if you read this post... bit rude, not what you'd expect from your baby daughter at all. ;-) xx

1 comment:

Janice said...

A new man in your life! How exciting and such a domesticated one too. I have my MIL's Chef with the original pyrex bowl from the 1960's it is still a powerhouse!


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