Sunday, 21 February 2010

I love the smell of...


Do you remember the little, round flat, tan coloured tin with the pink cream in from when you were a kid?  I do, and so does Will.

What's just reminded me of the childhood smell is that when cooking dinner today, I leant forward to get the steamer off the back of the hob, my top came up and my stomach touched the top of the oven that had been on for quite some time cooking a gorgeous roast chicken then having the temperature turned up high for the Yorkshire Pudding.  Now, my reactions are quick, but obviously not quick enough to prevent a nice, red, horizontal burn and a little blister across my tummy.  I shouted to Will to grab me a cold flannel while I applied the outside of my glass of ice cold Diet Coke to it and for him to mash the potatoes for me while I try and cool the burn down while trying desperately not so swear and cuss in pain in front of the kids (I read once that if you don't cool a burn quickly, then your skin continues to burn for 5 minutes!!!!)  I would have ran cold water over the burn but I don't fit in the kitchen sink!

So, it was still nipping like a wotsit well over an hour later and I needed to apply something to calm the sting so I grab the first aid box and find the tube (not a tin any more sadly) and apply that classic childhood smelling pink cream to my sore tummy.  I've had to fold the waistband of my trousers down and my fold my top up as it's so sore to have anything touching it.

Any suggestions out there on how to calm the pain quickly?  I need help!

What smell reminds you of your childhood?  I'd love to know!


Deanne said...

i love the smell of germoline :) like alot, i also love the smell and taste of pepto bismol A LOT lol x

sarah copeland said...

oooh, ouch! Poor you! I burnt my stomach with the iron once, I didn't half squeal! Still a scar there now! Have you got an aloe vera plant? I put gel from that on my burns. I hope it feels better soon!

Sam said...

I love Germolene too Rosie. hate to tell you, but I burnt my tum on the side of the iron a few years ago and it hurt like hell for weeks!!

Traceyr said...

Oh Rosie what a soppy narna. I would go on the anything cooling route too.

Tomorrow you will have to wear a belly top and hipsters to work - haha sorry I couldn't resist. Not a good look really is it?

Hope it is not too sore for you darling. x x x



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