Tuesday, 2 February 2010

21 today... 21 today (21 twice that is!)

I had a wonderful cuddle in bed from my very excited daughter, Freya, this morning wishing me a happy birthday and telling me that I just had to open my card that she'd made for me along with my pressie that we chose together on Saturday (and that she bought with her own money too!)  I'm now the proud owner of a bright orange 8" square silicone baking pan and she's promised to help me make the first cake in it.

Jacob made me a fab card too and disguised a lovely new pair of black leather gloves in his old iPod case to try an throw me off the scent of my pressie.  Only thing is.... I bought the gloves on Saturday and gave them to him to give to me for my birthday!

I didn't fall over a big box containing a new Kenwood KM020 Mixer this morning, but I did drop the odd hint that I'm saving up for one as I'd REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love one due to my 10+ year old Kenwood food processor showing signs of it's age and use.  It was initially going to be a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer but with the Kenwood I can replace my food processor and blender and have the stand mixer in one fabby gadget.  I can see me placing an order in the not too distant future for one.  Anyone know where I can get one at a bargain price?

On another note... to my darling friend/surrogate sister Susan.  We wish you lots of love today for your back operation.  We'll see you tomorrow night when the anaesthetic has worn off.  Love you loads sweet friend.


Leann said...

Happy Birthday Rosie!
Hugs x

Gez said...


Hope you have a super fabby awesome sort of day.xx

My little man is 9 tomorrow & the other one 3 on Friday it's like Christmas all over again here!

Hope you get spoilt rotten later when everyone is home.xx

Sending you lots of love on your special day. Gez.xx

Deanne said...

happy birthday honey :) hope you have a wonderful day. it so wasnt on my calendar sorry xxxx

Hayley said...

Happy Birthday! xx

Sam said...

hope you had a great birthday, Rosie!! XX

sarah copeland said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you got the card ok :)

CraftyC said...

"Happy Birthday" Rosie!!


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