Sunday, 7 February 2010

Freycob on Etsy

I signed up for Etsy in June last year and since then it's sat dormant.

Until tonight that is!  I'm in a clean up and clear out mood this weekend.  The  kitchen cupboards got it yesterday as I've got a shiny new toy on order which should be here on Tuesday and I need to make space.  I'll no doubt photograph, stroke and drool over it to within an inch of it's new little life and will share my passions with you next week.

I've got lots of stuff listed on Ebay.  You can find me under the user profile "ro5ie".  My old food processor was snapped up within 12 hours of going live... hmmmm, must have been too cheap! HAHA!  There are other kitchen gadgets and accessories that are all looking for a new home that are in the auction.  All are clean and in perfect condition too.

I've also put some craft stuff up for sale.  It's been gathering dust in the bottom of Jacob's wardrobe for quite some time.  You know how it is... you buy stuff intending to use it, then something new comes along and so you buy that as well.  Before you know it you've got far too much stuff than you'll ever get to use.  Better to make a bob or two out of it to invest in the future craft market.  Good for the economy too don't you think?  Buy it, sell it on, buy something else!  I've got lots more to sort out, photograph and list, but that'll be for another day now.  My original Sizzix machine will be going on there soon (I've still got the original box for it as well!)

But anyway... on to the subject of my post... Etsy!  As I said, I signed up for an Etsy account in June last year and have done nothing with it since then.  I've got such a stash of cards made and seeing as someone kindly told the Inland Revenue that I was selling my cards (like it's gonna make me millions of squidlets that they would want to tax- NOTTTTTTT - my losses were over £180 last year) I am registered as Self Employed, so as I have to Self Assess I'm going to try and sell on some of the cards that I make.  It'll never compensate me for the cards that I make and give to my daughter's school for them to sell to boost school funds (over 100 cards in one donation last year).  You could never charge an hourly rate but I make my cards because I love the time it gives me with my iPod on listening to music, chilling out after a day at work, or listening to my daughter read to me while she sits on the sofa bed in my craft studio.

You can find my Etsy shop {{HERE}}.  I'll add more cards etc. as time goes on and hopefully sell one or two of them from there!  Wish me luck



Deanne said...

good luck with the sales :)
what a meanie of a person to dob you!!!! pathetic!
ooooh off to see kitchen gadgets! :)

Kathy said...

Good luck Rosie, hope you make your fortune!

I assume the card got there, then hahaha. Did you need to "fluff" the ruffles out a bit? I find a poky tool does the job nicely

Karen said...

ooo good luck with this my lovely XXX


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