Sunday, 5 July 2009

Wedding Anniversary

I'm having a bit of a catch up as I've not done any proper posting for a few days. All the new stuff had been scheduled as I knew I'd be really busy this past week & weekend.

Anyhoo.... Will and I celebrated our 21st Wedding Anniversary on Thursday. 21 years married!!! Can you believe it, I must have been all of 7 when I walked down the aisle by my estimate (I wish, HAHA!) We celebrated being together as a couple for 25 years in April of this year.

We've grown up together, become parents together and (hopefully) will grow old together too.

I luvs him ya know! Except that the git wrote my anniversary card all in French and made me translate it if I wanted to know what it all meant! What an old romantic!


Gez said...

Belated ♥Happy Anniversay♥ wishes to you & Will. Hope you had a lovely day.

Fancy that! you got married the same age as me!lol.

Take care & have a lovely week.Gez.xx

Deanne said...

aw how lovely :) x happy anniversary

Janice said...

Happy Anniversary Rosie and many more to come XXX

Karen said...

hee hee it could have been worse could have been Russian!!!!

Awe CONGRATULATIONS to you both, you are a lovely couple XXX


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