Monday, 6 July 2009

Summer Fayre at School

We held our first every summer fayre at Freya's school on Saturday. The sun shone for us which is always a blessing especially with a British summer, eh?

(You may remember me asking for help {here} a couple of weeks back). Well, the lovely Karen and Nicki were kind enough to send me some goodies to use with the children on my make and take cardmaking stall. The stickers that you both sent to me went down an absolute STORM. So much so in fact that they all but decimated my stock as well as the loads that you sent down. They were all so creative and had such a great time. Anyhoo... the stall raised £16 for the school.

Our goal was to raise £400 which we thought would be a realistic amount for our first event. We only formed our Parents Association in April of this year and to hold our first event just over 2 months later, we think was a fantastic achievment.

We raised....... £1026.87 and we think that there is still more to come in. Just how amazing is that figure? We couldn't have done it, of course, without the help and support of some of the parents, teachers and teaching assistance at the school, not to mention our dinner ladies. The hubbies were fantastic, helping out where needed too (beat the goalie, slam dunk basket ball, photography etc). We even managed to get the most amazing Zac Effron look a like and (even though before I Googled him, I didn't know exactly who Zac Effron was - sorry!) he was an amazing likeness. The girls (and some of the boys) queued to have their photos taken with him. We managed to get over 200 people through the gates in the 3 hours that we held the Fayre. Even the Police and the Fire Brigade arrived with their vehicles. We've now got to think of what else we can do to keep the momentum going... any ideas?


Linda said...

Well done on the amount you have raised so far - just goes to show how much can be achieved if people put the effort in.

So glad the children enjoyed your cardmaking stall.

Kathy said...

Rosie, I'm so sorry - I had a bag of stuff to send you, but I didn't get it in the post on time.

Karen said...

WOW WOW WOW on the amount you all raised!!!! Thats fantastic by any schools standards...BIG pat on the back to you all XXX

Traceyr said...

Fantastic news Rosie. Well done on all your efforts with the fund raising.

What about a quiz night for the next fund raiser always a good turn out when my old school did one?



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