Saturday, 4 July 2009

Can you help please...?

This post will remain at the top of my blog until 4th July. Please scroll down to see new posts. Thank you.

I am a member of the Danesholme Junior School Parents Association in Corby. We are holding our first ever Summer Fayre on Saturday 4th July in order to raise funds for the school.

What I'd like to ask all those lovely crafters out there is for a little help please. Can you donate any cards or gifts that we could sell to raise those much needed funds?

I'm running a craft stall and also a 'make and take' stall for the children to have a go at crafting their own cards, so anything such as peel offs and basic crafting items like embellishments that you no longer use/need would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED.

Please Email Me for further information or for my address to send your kind donations to.

Thank you so much for your time taken to read my message and thank you to those who help out.


HUGE thanks go to Karen and Nicki for their kind and extremely generous donations of the following:




Deanne said...

hey honey, i'll see what i have spare :)
just finally got a chance to catch up on your blog babes, loving all your cards :) really striking xx

Anonymous said...

Hi chickie...
I will do my utmost bestest to see what I can do ..would love to help you any way...
Mite not be load as with the immenent birth of our GD things are a bit up and down..hence the lack of blogging...
I you pm me your addy I will get some things sorted fir you lovely one:) xxx

danemi1 said...

sorting out some stuff now for you hun - you should have picked up some of these wallpaper books when you were here (as long as it wasnt the country or gingham ones!!!!)

Elaine xxxxx

Loving your blog

Kathy said...

Rosie, I'll see what I can do. I'm sure that, if I look hard enough I'll find a couple of bits I can send you. I don't have a lot of course, but as it's for a good cause.....

Karen said...

Hi sweetie, will bag up some stuff for you asap XXX

Janice said...

I'll have a look too, bound to be some peel offs lurking!

Gez said...

Oooo why have I only just spotted this now Rosie?

Will have a look first thing in the morning!

Hope I'm not too late. Can you email me your addy. I didn't make a note last time. Sorry.


Janice said...

Oh sorry Rosie, forgot all about this. Probably too late to post it now. Hope you have a good fair.


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