Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Look what we grew...

We've taken a bit of mum and dad's garden over for a veggie plot so that we can eat the fruits (well, ok, the veggies) of our labour. It's not a huge plot in the scheme of the size of mum and dad's garden and how much dad grew when we were kids, but it'll provide enough food for mum and dad and us to enjoy.

Mum and dad were away at the weekend, so I went down to do some weeding and to liberate some veggies for dinner and came back with these...

There were more than 3 pea pods, honest! But I LOVE raw peas straight from the pod so I snaffled them ;-)

Not only did I come home with loads of taters, I got carrots, peas, radishes and 2 HUGE courgettes too! (these'll be used in some yummy roast veggies this week). AND... I boiled some fresh beetroot that I pulled. These are now sitting in vinegar pickling away! Can't wait!

We had the veg with a cabbage that dad cut for me in the week. Home grown, organic and wonderfully tasty! Can't beat it!

Ooh, do you like my arty piccies btw? HAHA


Kaz said...

Oooo those peas remind me of my childhood spent shelling them from dad's garden. Glad to see no maggots!!

Terrie B x said...

`Wow` gorgeous bunch of veggies Rosie...look flamin good to me:)
Hmmm `delicious`
Enjoy the rest of your Day :) x

Deanne said...

yummy :) they look super duper honey x

Karen said...

Well done Rosie....thats a lovely crop!!! I would have snaffled the peas too. Have you tried boiling little beetroots then having them with a white sauce....its yummy!!! X

Traceyr said...

Yes very arty and very tasty too. yum yum

Well done to you all on your veg plot.

Well done too Rosie on being Miss July on the crafty calendar blog. x x


Stephanie Parsloe said...

Yummmmmmmmmmm x

Gez said...

Loving your veggie Rosie.xx

Hope you've had a good week & Jacob is safely home. Bet he's got loads to tell you all.

Wishing you & yours a lovely weekend.Gez.xx


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