Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Well lookie what arrived today...

I got one of these beauties in the post today...

I've had a browse through all the files and there really are LOADS OF THEM!!!! (Far more than the sneak preview that I got of the disc in January when Kirsty came down). Money very well spent if you ask me. I have a few craft CDs that I've bought mainly when I first started crafting, and the quality of some leave quite a lot to be desired I must say!!! But this one.... O - M - G!!!! Kirsty has come up total trumps I love it, love it, love it!!!!

Bad news though...... my printer has just ran out of colour ink and I don't have a spare :-( I've just printed the most funky (accidental) colours that fade and have dreadful lines all over them and the sheet is totally ruined! I need to go to Asda or similar to get a replacement and very quickly too!

Before I go.... guess what? Look on the inside of the cover at Kirsty's speech bubble - recognise one of the names in there (hint hint) ONLY BLOODY ME INNIT?!!!!!! :-) All I did was kick the Wiseman up the ass and make her repeat the mantra "I can produce a CD in my own name, I can produce a CD in my own name" a million times a day until she believed in her own talents like I believe in them.

You can buy your own copy here for the bargain price of £15.00. You better be quick as once the word gets out, these little babies are gonna go like hot cakes!

I can't wait for collection 2 (and an ink cartridge for my printer!)

Proud of you Kirsty babes!
Lots a love.
Ro xx


Karen said...

er????? hahahahaha

Gez said...

Looks VERY interesting Rosie. Can't wait to see what you make. xx

Deanne said...

:) wicked ;) xxx

Terrie B x said...

Oh WoW Rosie...Cant wait to see your creations...Have `Fun` there...:)♥

Kirsty Wiseman said...

loves you Rosie pie xx


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