Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Clever clogs

I've not long been back from Jacob's parents evening. I am SOOOOO proud of my boy! He's currently in year 8 and is sitting his SATS (for internal marking) a year early, in 2 weeks time.

Talking to his teachers, they all say the same thing...

He is a very bright boy.
He is a pleasure to teach.
He adds so much interesting conversation and suggestions to the class.
He is too talkative at times.
He needs to get down on paper what he has in his head more.

He's also now on track to attain a total of 6 GCSEs by the end of his year 9 - TWO YEARS EARLIER than normal.

You cannot imagine just how HUGELY proud we are of his achievements. He has/is/continues to work hard and to push his own boundaries - a fabulous achievement for such a young man! In the subjects where he is working to 'Extended' criteria, he is becoming more and more determined to break through that target and hit 'Advanced' - the highest target available to the students.

We are two pumped up proud parents tonight, I can tell you! Just wait until his Grandparents hear how well he's doing.

Hmmm... just a thought.... this school report may cost me dearly in the treat stakes me thinks! HAHA


danemi1 said...

go Jacob go - well done hun

Gez said...

FANTASTIC news Rosie. You must all be so proud. Well done Jacob. xx

I can see an offer to join NAGTY (National Academy for Gifted & Talented Youth based at Warwick Uni for the top 5% kids in the country) comming soon.
My DD joined at 11. :) Fingers crossed. Gez. xx

Deanne said...

aw bless you proud parents babe :) well done jacob x

Kathy said...

awww Rosie, no wonder you're pround of him. I guess he takes after Will, then.....

Karen said...

What Rosie doesn't say is that Jacob is also a very wonderful, interesting young man to be around! Well done Jacob XXX


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