Tuesday, 14 April 2009

My busy, busy boy!

I never imagined the day when my kids would sit exams. Jacob has already sat is KS1 and KS2 and now he's preparing to sit his KS3 SATS in about 3 weeks time. I know that they're normally sat in year 9 and he's only in year 8 but his school accelerate the kids if they're able and he's sitting his at the end of this term. Looking through his revision guides, I realise that there is so much that I still remember of his maths and science but so much that I've forgotten too. My fave subjects at school were maths and science and he seems to be taking after me - often coming top in his group in both subjects (YAY!! My clever lad!)

I know it sounds so sad, especially if you don't love maths (and there are loads out there that don't - my DH being one of them) but I may find myself swatting up on his revision guides when he's finished with them to refresh the old grey matter that has become my splodgy brain!!

He is so chilled about the whole exam process - he has a fantastic school with fantastic tutors willing him on and both Will and myself here at home to support him too.

Wish him luck! Obviously I'll let you know how he gets on (if I remember! hehe!)


Gez said...

Hehe I had to smile when you said Jacob is chilled out! Thats just what my daughter was like! & I too love reading the revision books!!
Sending lots of GOOD LUCK wishes to Jacob. It does sound like he's got the whole caboodle in hand. I think its us mums that get nervous so GOOD LUCK as well mum. XX

Deanne said...

:) i'd be so stressed through worry lol
good luck to jacob xx

Traceyr said...

Good Luck Jacob. I'm sure you won't need my luck, but stay calm and you will sail through them I'm sure.


queenie said...

My teenagers are laid back when it comes to exams too,i find it amazing as i was always panicking,lol...must take after my hubby Alex.
wishing him luck from me and eeeek i know how your feeling.

Anonymous said...

`Good Luck` to Jacob ..Try not to worry to much Rosie Your Jacob will be fine....
Lotsa love:)♥


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