Friday, 6 February 2009

Not more snow...!

Well our 4" of snow forecast overnight never materialised boo!

But then it DID start snowing again this morning and within about an hour and a half / two hours we had 3" of new, settled virgin white snow again.

Again, not one to tackle the roads, Will cycled to work - 40 minutes again this morning in some very slushy wet, brown stuff. By the time 11am came, they had called their engineers back from their jobs for safety reasons and were preparing to shut up shop and send everyone back home again. The lads that Will work with all offered to put his bike in the back of their vans and give him a lift home. Never the one to admit defeat, his two wheels were far too much of a temptation and so it was pedal power all the way home. 45 minutes later and some bumper to bumper car traffic / slipping and sliding / ice / water / blizzard in your face cycling later he arrived home safely. Quick coffee to warm up and then a shower to thaw out and he was fine.

No lasting cycling trauma as he's downstairs now fixing up some lunch - nothing upsets that man's appetite! Haha!!!

I took some photos last night of a neighbour's snowman - all 10 feet of it!!! It's massive. I'll have to take some daylight ones to show you - it's awsome!

Keep you updated.....


Traceyr said...

Have I missed the photos of the 10 foot yeti? Can't see them?

Traceyr :)

Anonymous said...

Oh My..lucky you!!!We havent had a drop yet!!!stil!!!lol...
Hope your having a great weekend Rosie:)~X~


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