Thursday, 5 February 2009

And more snow....

We had another snow fall overnight. I measured it outside our front door step this morning and it seems we had 5" overnight. I'm told by a neighbour that it started snowing at about 3;30am (why would you be awake at that time I ask myself?!) and I measured just after 7am. Now that's a snowfall!!!!!

As we live on a bit of a hill we always get the ice/snow on the roads quite badly if it hits locally and today was no exception. We only saw one vehicle actually get out of our Close and that was a 4x4!!! Everyone else either could not even get off their driveways or if they did, they just wheel spun going nowhere. Needless to say that all the local schools were closed today so two very happy kids were to be found in this house.

We have two major 'A' roads between us and the next town. One of which is a dual carriageway. BOTH were closed by the Police for safety reasons. We were stranded!!!! As Will works in the neighbouring town there was absolutely no way that he was going to drive to work. Saying that, the mad cyclist that he is donned his kit at 9.30am this morning and head off to work complete with Hi-Vis jacket and Cycle Helmet, thermals, gloves, hat, mobile phone etc. It took him 40 minutes to get through when he could normally do it in 20, but he managed it! His MD was gobsmacked that he had actually made such an effort to get in.

I on the other hand, didn't make it to work! I had spoken to the Directors first thing and was told to 'stay put' as it wasn't safe and I would have had to drive the kids to mum and dad's on the way. Now I know that I can drive safely in the snow as I'm very well trained in the driving department (previous career) but the others on the road..... hmmmmm!!!!

So, all kitted up in jackets, scarves, hats and gloves we had a MAJOR snowball fight in the street outside. Loads of the neighbours were there too. Jacob did the best aim at a neighbour's bald spot, and hit right on target! HAHA!! At one point in full view of more than one neighbour I went flat on my face, spread eagle stylee!!! Now had I have seen it happen to someone else, I would have had to cross my legs to stop myself peeing myself with laughter. Unfortunately it was me on the ground and so not quite so funny!! No bones broken though!

I got a phone call from the bosses later who'd been out in the 4x4 and managed to get into the office but the roads were not good even in that. So I stayed put and the phones were diverted through to me.

Poor Maisy, the snow was up to her belly and she couldn't walk in the snow, but it did look really funny to see her hopping through it!

The trip to Tesco for milk etc was made with Freya in the sledge and Jacob and I pulling her and the shopping back home again.

Will got an early mark from work for good behavour but it took him about an hour to get home again. The roads were a bit better tonight but not much.

We're forecast another 4" tonight locally. There has been some thawing through the late afternoon but that only means that it'll freeze again before the snow lands on the black ice. Wish us luck!


Deanne said...

hehehe me loving the snow :) xxx

Stephanie Parsloe said...

Now, I can tell you for a fact that it didn't start snowing here until after 3.30am! I'm a mad person too!! lol

Janice said...

Take care Rosie, thinking of you with all that snow.

Karen said...

We have loads of the fluffy stuff down here today too. Its been snowing since last night (yep, bad nights sleep going on here too hehe). So how many snowmen have you made??? X


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