Monday, 2 February 2009

Happy Birthday to......

MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Yep! I'm another year older on the calendar of life.

We had a fabulous Sunday lunch yesterday at the Royal George in Cottingham, Leics. The portions were mahoosive to say the least. Roast beef and 7 different veggies (I lurve my veggies!). I knew they served their meals large so had warned the troops about not having a starter. Not one of us managed pudding (no, not even Will!)

Nipped down to see wonderful friends of ours, Susan and Kevan who only live down the road in the next village to the pub. She made pudding for Will and the kids (still couldn't manage anything myself, but they did). She even made me a wonderful egg free birthday cake. I need to get the recipe as it was scrummy! I know it had grated apples and carrrots with sultanas and pumpkin seeds in it but I really need to have a go at this myself. I couldn't manage any until about 8pm last night - 6 hours after our meal!!!!!!

Picking mum and dad up later (dad still can't drive) then we're off to the local Beefeater for tea. I can feel my hips growing....


Gez said...


Wishing you a wonderful day! Have a lovely meal with your family.

Gez. xx

Deanne said...

happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ole birddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd, watch those hips now :) x

danemi1 said...

Hope you have had a fantastic birthday honey



sewsimple said...

you are another year nearer me at the moment will soon catch me up

Karen said...

hehe what are birthdays for if not the food and the cake???? Like the sound of your cake hon. Any chance of the recipe when you get it??? X


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