Monday, 29 December 2008

I'm an addict!!!!

I have an addiction which I need to publicly admit to.....

I don't drink, so it's not alcohol.
I don't smoke, so it's not cigarettes.
I am addicted to......... RADLEY bags!!!! So much so, that I thought I'd share my little addiction with you all.

I got them all out today as I started making a little book to record them in and sat them down (they are sooo patient and well behaved!), I photographed them and labelled my photos with the name of the bag (yes, I know it's VERY sad - whatever!!!! LOL)

Anyhoo.... My collection (addiction) currently stands at 17 items. Carousel is exclusive to John Lewis and was my Chrimbo pressie from Will (What a hunny!!!)

Introducing (in sad, addicted 40 year old woman, alphabetical order!)

This is my Christmas 2008 baby.... a new briefcase!

The collection (aka addiction) started with this one...

And before anyone says it.... yes, I know it's sad having a handbag/accessory fetish. It's even worse to photograph them and make a mini book out of them. It's my indulgence and makes me VERY easy to buy pressies for!!!

I can imagine in many years to come, I won't be the sad old woman surrounded by her cats. I'll be surrounded by my bags and the leather dog tags LOL.

So there! I've admitted my addiction. I have absolutely NO intention of giving it up and hope to grow my collection too.

Just worked out, I have spaces for 9 more photos in my little book I've just made!!! ;-)


Deanne said...

omg carousel and shabby chic are too die for - you lucky lucky bird :) x

Janice said...

I only have two!!! You need to send me some of yours - ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree your one lucky bird!!!lol...
Hope you had a fab Christmas.....
`Thanks` for the lovely b`day wishes..Have a very lubly Tuesday:)~X~

Anonymous said...

Rosie that is so sad but then you need a addiction of some sort

danemi1 said...

wow - how many bags can a girl have - I LURVE the cupcake one especially!!! Has Steph seen it?


Deanne said...

um actually just wondering! i'm not the woman with the cats your commenting on are you!!!!!! ;) lol x

Karen said...

I go into Dingles and hold them and stroke them...look inside at the lining but while I appreciate the workmanship and the beautiful soft leather and of course the little dog.....I still haven't seen one that I would scream for!!!! Until I saw your new thats IS smart!!!

Book indeed hahahahahahaha

Lovsa XXXX

Sam said...

lurve the bags Rosie!! you are well and truly addicted (I got another bag and scarf for crimbo too - that's my collection up 6!)

Gez said...

I was going to say wait until Sam sees your collection & she has!!

They are too gorgeous for words Rosie. I especially like Cupcakes & Shabby Chic.

I've this vision of you sat with ALL your bags now!! What's this about cats & Deanne??

Good Luck filling your little book. :o)

Wishing you a Happy New Year Rosie. XXX

Stephanie Parsloe said...

Easy to buy presents for???? I'm buggered if I'll ever be buying you Radley - especially after the admission of the cost of the briefcase!

*tut* As if craft obsessions weren't expensive enough.

And I wasn't joking when I said you should think about declaring it on your insurance!! At least you'll have photographic evidence of them on here for an insurance co!! lmfao

Me x


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