Thursday, 18 December 2008

Great time of year, isn't it?

No?! What do you mean??

In my household we've had...

* a bereavement recently
* Freya has had a chesty cough
* I'm down with the worst cold that it seems I've ever had (still at work through the day and then collapsing in a heap, being good for nothing at night)
* I had a flat tyre this afternoon and had to pump it back up. I'll have to check it again in the morning in case it's a puncture. We had a look and can't see any offending item in the tyre, so fingers crossed, it's just feeling as deflated as I am at the mo.
* I have present shopping still to do
* I have the house/tree still to decorate
* I have Christmas cards still to make
* I have food to buy so we can eat on the big day
* The housework to do

I need.....

* Energy
* Vitality
* More hours in the day
* My cold to bugger off and leave me in peace
* A cleaner
* A personal shopper
* An elf or two to help me out
* To sleep through a whole night without coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose or just laying awake feeling totally crap!

Any suggestions....? Please don't say alcohol as I don't drink and that would be a punishment to me (I'm a lightweight as far as booze goes - one glass of wine and I'm giggling before snoring! LOL)

Any offers of help, very gratefully received.


Gez said...

Oh, you poor babes. xx

Sending you a great big cyber {{hug}}

Hope your daughter gets better soon, suppose its better this week than next. :)

Think we must live in a parallel universe! I'm in exactly the seem state!! It's not funny not being able to sleep right, makes everything else harder.

Chin up.

I did have a nice long soak last night in the bath with lavender oil in & felt better a short time after, if that helps. :)

Love Gez. xx

Deanne said...

AW bless honey, i'll help :) we'll go watch edward on sunday and that will defo put a spring in your step :) xxxxxxxx

Sam said...

hope you're feeling better soon hun, and you get all done that you want to.


Janice said...

Come on Rosie - you can do it girl!!! Get Will to give you a hug and then give him a list of stuff that needs done.

Big hug for you and remember that Christmas can be great when you keep it simple.

Karen said...

Awe poor thing!!! Wish I lived closer so that I could help you out, lots of love and hugs coming your way XXXXXXX


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