Sunday, 21 December 2008


Seems my tyre had a puncture and wasn't just feeling deflated like me! The lovely tyre man struggled to find the culprit and pumped it back up. Only after about 10 mins with the soapy water did the little blighter reveal itself! It turned out to be a staple thingy; very thin and it had started to rust so had been there a little while. Anyhoo! It's all repaired and fat with air again! YAY!!!

The cold and bleugh-ness that I'm feeling got the better of me and forced us to miss my Christmas works do last night :-( I slept for near on 15 hours on Friday night, I managed to get up before lunch yesterday, put the tree up for the kids and left them to finish it off before I went back to bed for a couple of hours (what a wimp!) Will text my boss and also cancelled grandad's baby sitting service to say that we won't be going out as I was poorly (bless him). He's been a real sweetie through all of this. When I've been in bed by 6pm/6.30pm he hasn't moaned or groaned and has just got on with all his parental duties like the fab dad that he is. I guess if I have passed this on to him, then I had better be as nice eh?!

I had booked tickets about 10 days ago to go and see Twilight at Kettering Odeon this morning with Deanne. I was up in time and determined to see the film without falling asleep (didn't take my medicine before I went as I figured it would be slightly embarrassing falling asleep through the movie!) I STAYED AWAKE and really enjoyed the film too. Not quite as good as the book, but then again, I love the fact that when you read a book, you create your own pictures/film to go with it.

It's 6pm and I'm still awake - the first time I haven't had to catch a nap through the day or fallen asleep by now, since last Sunday (even had to grab half an hour at work the other day - rang the boss and told him not to come into the office in case he woke me up! HAHA!! - I'm very lucky that I work for a small company and the two owners are very understanding - spesh as it was my boss that passed it onto me in the first place - thanks Lea!!!!!!) Will was a bit annoyed with me that I worked all week through it though as in his eyes, "I'd have gotten rid of it earlier if I had stopped being a bloody martyr and worked through it!!" Would it have gone earlier if I'd had a day off and slept through instead of working and then sleeping from tea time until the school run and work the next morning? Who knows! All I do know is that it hit me like a steam train, zapped all my strength and energy and is now finally going on it's way to find it's next victim!

Hope it's not on it's way to any of my friends....

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Gez said...

Bless Rosie. It is the most dreadful bug going around - I know!!!

How the heck you managed to go to work with it & function??

Good Luck with all the Christmas preparations & I hope you enjoy the big day when it finally arrives.

Glad you had a nice time out with Deanne today. I much prefer a good book to a film version. No comparrison with some!!

Take care & I hope you are soon on the mend.

Gez. xx


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