Friday, 10 October 2008

I'm off to a retreat

I'm off for the next 3 nights to a retreat in Derbyshire. 24 hour crafting - who could ask for more...?

I'll miss my wonderful Will, Jacob, Freya and Maisy pooch of course. But sometimes it does us all good to follow our own route, doesn't it?

{This} is where I'm going to, doesn't it look a fab place to spend the weekend with friends - all 26 of them!

It's been organised by my friend Steph, who owns Indigo Mill. You want to pop over to her shop and just see the fantastic kits that she puts together. Unlike a lot of kits out there, they don't break the bank either. You can get a kit from under a tenner - and you don't find many of them now, do you?


danemi1 said...

...and what a weekend we had eh? Fantastic time and am definitely coming to the one in April!



Traceyr said...

Come on Rosie what did you make then? Give us a look. :)


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