Friday, 17 October 2008

Where's ma boy?!

Jacob is on his half term this and next week so has spent the day at his friend, Julian's house today. They've been swimming, round the town, out on their bikes and now they're at their friend's birthday party. Oh, how the house is quiet without my boy!!

I know he's having a fab time with his friend, but I do miss him, despite the fact that him and Freya can bicker and argue like brother and sister! Oh, they ARE brother and sister lol!!!!

He's staying over tonight and coming home tomorrow but I won't see him until I get home from my crop about 4.30pm. I'd better get a hug!!!!

He lost is phone last week. Will recently got a new Samsung Tocco and we gave Jacob his old Samsun D600. We have looked high and low for it, in pockets, under furniture, in all his drawers including his undies drawer :-o. School bags without success. I even rang the school and the police today to see if it had been handed in, but it hadn't. I was determined not to let him have another one as this would be the second time he'd lost it. The first time luckily it was handed into school so we got it back. I went onto the Orange website today and confirmed that it's not been used since 7/10/08 @ 6:09pm which is when he'd have rang me to say he was on his way home from school. He still had £8.77 credit on it so I know it's not been used.

I spent over half an hour again looking for it tonight, under the sofas, under the furniture, down the side of the sofas.... no phone! Then I lifted one of the scatter cushions on one of the sofas and there it was!!!! Sitting there as proud as day. It had even left it's own little imprint in the leather it had been there that long.

You're probably all thinking - the dirty moo!!! How can she not find it on the sofa...? Well in our defense.... we don't watch TV much at all in our house. In fact the kids normally watch it on a Saturday & Sunday morning and on a Saturday night Will and Jacob watch a DVD but they sit on the big sofa not the smaller one (which is where the phone was). That's how much our TV is on in the week. We are not a family of telly addicts at all.

Well.... I'm now in a dilemma and I need some help.... I am tempted not to let him have is phone back straight away to teach him a lesson. As I said, it's not the firsts time he's not looked after it. As we all know, they're not cheap things and it is a priveledge for him to have it and the credit that Will and I pay for. But how long should I keep it off him for? He's got another week off school and I do like the fact that he has it to let me know when he's leaving on his way home as I know how long it takes him to get here. It's my safety blanket I suppose to know he's safe..... So, just how long should I keep it for?

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Karen said...

hahahahahahahaha at least a week!!!!!!


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