Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Dad has a new knee!

Dad went into hospital yesterday for a replacement right knee as his old one is totally knackered!

He had it done this afternoon under epidural rather than a general anaesthetic. Took mum over tonight to see him and he looks great! (For an old boy of almost 70 that is!!!! - Only joking dad, I love you dearly!)

Still flat on his back as he's not allowed to sit up yet, but no doubt those physi-terrorists (oops, sorry, physiotherapists) will have him up and out of bed jogging the hospital corridors in no time flat!

Going to take the kids over tomorrow to see their Grandad (or Grandappy as Freya calls him when she's after something!). Wasn't sure how he'd be tonight so had decided to leave them both at home, just in case he was really groggy or in lots of pain as I know Freya would have been really upset - Jacob, being the cool 11 year old that he is, would have taken it all in his stride of course!!!

1 comment:

Di said...

Aww, I really hope your dad is okay soon hun.


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