Thursday, 8 February 2007


Woke this morning to find a decent amount of settled snow on the ground. The kids were so excited until they found out that pretty much most of the other local schools were closed but their schools were both open! HAHA!

Roads were a bit slippy to say the least. Remembering my own years of experience as a driver and my training and teaching as a driving instructor; leave loads of room for other drivers, pull off in second gear to aid traction and use engine braking to slow the car in plenty of time! Great I thought - I know how to drive in this white muck!!! Shame other drivers aren't quite as sure what to do. Waiting to exit the road which is a whole 30 seconds from home the car coming into the road turned - could have been at a slightly slower speed if I'm honest - his wheels turned but his car didn't quite follow the same path and skidded, heading straight towards the front offside wing of my new car that I've had a whole, what? 8 days!!!!!!!! Being the brave soul that I am (and I'm stressing that I was completely stationary, handbrake on, here!) I took both hands off my steering wheel, closed my eyes and covered my face with my hands to wait the impact. It didn't come luckily. He stopped with less than an inch between the two cars!!!!!! How lucky is my little Megan! She so nearly got re-shaped this morning!

Had a phone call from the infant school just after 2pm - Freya was feeling poorly and can I come and pick her up. Rang the junior school and arranged to collect Jacob early too as I didnt' want to have to take Freya back out again an hour after getting her home to pick him up from school. Luckily due to the snow and a distinct lack of pupils there today, they were ok about it. Will no doubt get some stick taking my son out of school early and me being a school governor too!

Calpol and a sleep seemed to do the trick as she managed to eat all her dinner. She laid on the sofa and watched some TV after dinner, had some Medised and went straight off to sleep in bed. Hopefully she'll wake up fine in the morning.

Jacob built a snowman on the front garden this afternoon, making the most of the snow and the early finish from school! But he made it a little lopsided and it fell over and fell apart, so I can't take a photo of anything except a big ball of snowy mess to show you, which is a shame. Better luck next time Jacob. He came in freezing cold and ended up running a temperature so it was Medised and an early night for him too!

On a brighter note, the physio-terrorists got dad out of bed following his new knee op today and he managed to take a few steps with the aid of a zimmer frame. He's desperate to get out of hospital and is hoping to be home on Sunday - we'll have to wait and see how he gets on over the next few days though - they have to be able to bend their knee to 90 degrees before they can come home - he's at about 60 degrees now so is doing well. C'mon dad! Hop to it and come home soon! Love you! x


Di said...

Ooh, close call there in the snow and your car only 8 days old too!!
Hope Jacob and Freya are okay, there seems to be alot of illnesses going around at the mo. I was hoping the big freeze would kill all the bugs off.

Sending your dad lots of good wishes :-)

Rosie said...

Thanks Di! Took mum over to see him this afternoon, he was up and out of bed and walking with a Zimmer Frame - and not slowly either!!!!!

Beth said...

Hiya Rosie, thanks so much for vising my blog, and what lovely comments too about Martyn. Hope Freya is doing okay now, poor mite, mind you, Calpol is brill, only ever used that on Martyn since baby. Hope your Dad's knees are good to go too. See you soon. Beth XX Ooh, will pop you in my faves too. :-)


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