Thursday, 15 February 2007

What did you get on Valentine's Day?

True to form, Valentine's Day brought me a great big nothing! We don't celebrate Valentine's Day and to be perfectly honest, neither of us felt well enough to bother about it either.

We have a house full of 4 people all with very heavy colds! (Or in Will's case 'man flu') Feel like I'm keeping Kleenex in business with all those tissues we're getting through a the moment!

Will was off work yesterday and today. Him and the kids spent most of the day in bed sleeping on and off. The kids didn't even get dressed! He only managed to be up and out of bed for about 4 hours in total yesterday (long enough to cook lunch and tea for the kids and walk the dog) but managed a bit longer today. He even popped down to see my dad with the kids for an hour today. Didn't want to keep them there too long as we really don't want mum and dad to catch the dreaded lurgy that we've all got!

I was only home from work 10 minutes yesterday before I was in my pyjamas and socks and tucked up in bed. Couldn't get warm even tucked up with my pj's and socks on! So got up at 8.30 and had a cuppa and a nice slice of my chocolate cake (medicinal purposes only of course) before heading back upstairs where I struggled to get back to sleep.

Perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day? I think not!!!!! Maybe next year romance will find me!

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