Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Catching up with London

Oops, Will reminded me tonight that I hadn't blogged the photos from our London trip at Easter.  Partly because I've only edited about a dozen of them, so I'll share a few of those that are done with you now.

Time for a taxi for the present Government? 6th May will tell if it is or not...

A true British icon. Recognised the world over.

I have big ben in my hand - see it's not so big after all, is it?

They pose because they can!

No, I didn't bribe them to stand together and look all brother and sisterly!

Nelson Mandella's statue in Parliament Square. A truly amazing man to have gone through so much and to have come through the other side without bitterness.

Lloyd George's statue in Parliament Square.

A domineering bronze statue of Sir Winston Churchill in Parliament Square. One of Britain's finest leaders.

Will, Jacob & Freya under one of the most gorgeous blossom trees in St James' Park.

This young man looks so proud to be serving his country and his Queen. Standing outside Clarence House having his pic taken and being photographed, taunted and teased by lots of tourists and children can't be easy!  The strange thing is that I can see Jacob in this lad's face.  Even Jacob said that he looked like him!  Spooky eh?


sarah copeland said...

These are great, I love the composition of the first one! And the ones of Big Ben!

Hannah said...

Blimey Rosie Jacob is the image of Will!! Gorgeous family and gorgeous photos :) much love x


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