Thursday, 15 April 2010

It's confirmed and I'm waiting for my op.

Visited my GP again on Tuesday night to get the official results of the EMG test that I had recently on my hands for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  He's confirmed that I will need both hands operated on at some point but we can hold off on the left for now and get the right one done first.  Steroid injections won't work on the right hand as it's 'too far gone' and if I have the left one injected it'll only be a short term measure and may in fact make it worse than it is more quickly than mother nature will take on her own natural way.

I have to book my appointment for my right hand to be done and then wait until my left gets worse before that one gets operated on too.

I will need to have the op done just before we go on holiday as I can't afford to take two weeks unpaid sick leave from work.  (The company I work for doesn't pay company sick pay and have you seen how crap SSP is?!)  So guess who's going to have to get totally pampered and waited on this year?  Yep!  MEEEEEE!!!!!  Though Will's not impressed, I have to say.  He'll be chief cook and bottle washer as well as driver, dog poop scooper-upper, caravan king.  It'll be great! HAHA!


sarah copeland said...

I'm glad you've got a date sorted Rosie, hopefully it will be better soon :) Poor Will! (not really! it'll be good for him)

Tracy said...

At least now you know where you'll be with dates and things. Then hopefully your hand will be so much better.
Speak soon
Happy crafting
Tracy x

Gez said...

Well it'll let everyone see exactly how many different 'hats' you have to wear Rosie! Thinking of you.xx Good Luck with the Op. XXX

Janice said...

Hope it all goes well for you Rosie.

Traceyr said...

Hope the operation goes well Rosie and enjoy the holiday. :)


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