Sunday, 18 April 2010

My gorgeous children

I'm not normally a lover of phone camera photos but these two of the kids I took yesterday I absolutely LOVE!  I wanted pictures to go with their phone numbers as I am so proud of my two kids and want to see their smiling faces as well as hear their voices when they're not with me.  The quality isn't any where near as good as a digi-SLR but they're not bad at all.  They were taken with my iPhone.

Not a blink of an eye ago, these two were our babies.  They're now growing up so fast, right before our eyes its seems.

If time continues at this rate it'll be no time at all before Jacob's approaching his twenties and Freya's well into her teenage years.


Gez said...

Great photos Rosie. :D Tis not fair why our babes have to grow. :(
Have a great week. Hugs, Gez.xx

Kathy said...

awwww cute pics, Rosie - you're such a softie

Traceyr said...

Your kids have grown and are very cute - don't tell Jacob I called him cute better say handsome. haha.



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