Sunday, 25 October 2009

Sad, sad, sad, sad!!! But ecstatically happy! New Moon, here I come!

Why am I sad but ecstatically happy?  Because I've just booked two tickets to see New Moon on opening night, Friday 20th November, that's why!!!!!!  Jacob and I are going - I've told him that it's his birthday treat as he'll have turned the grand old age of 14 on Wednesday 18th HAHA!  Really he's coming to keep ME company.

Haaaaaaah!  I need to watch Twilight one (or several) times more before I go just so I remember what happened in the first film you understand..... don't you?


Traceyr said...

Not fallen for this craze at the mo. My daughter has though. :)

Sam said...

I'm with you on this one Rosie!! currently reading the books for the 3rd time!!! and got my tickets for New Moon as well

Karen said...

hahahahahahaha Jacob???? You go enjoy honey XXX


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