Saturday, 24 October 2009

My mojo has been very quite of late!

No pics, just words...

I have lost my mojo recently. Don't know where it's gone to if I'm honest.  I WANT to create but can't be bothered!  I do my duty and meet my DT obligations but beyond that in the last couple of weeks I've really struggled.  Don't know why, and I'm not making excuses.

I've not even been in my room most of the last couple of weeks.  Had to push my way past the tumble weed to get back in today!  No MSN as my laptop is in here.  I've kept in touch with relatives via Facebook as my mobile patches in to the interweblet.

On a plus point... I have read a book in the last week.   I have also had some well needed early nights and feel revived, refreshed and raring to go again (I think!)

Today I made chicken casserole.  Enough for two meals I thought...... until I cooked it and turned out to be enough for 3 meals!  I could have fed half of my neighbours tonight LOL.  One portion for the freezer and the other for the fridge which'll equate to a quick, wholesome tea next week.

Hope everyone in blogland is well and enjoying life.  If you see my mojo on your treks, please chastise it harshly and send it back home, won't you?


1 comment:

Traceyr said...

Hope you find your mojo soon Rosie. x x x :)

I'll have some casserole if it is still on offer.


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